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Nov 25, 2012 8:00pm PST
people apparently have telephone contact with somebody in the compound. >> my name is david koresh. >> david koresh. >> my name is david koresh. >> to his followers david koresh was a messiah. >> god speaks to me. >> manifestation of god in the flesh. >> we believe this man had the truth. >> reporter: but to the u.s. government, david koresh was a threat. >> machine guns and explosive devices. >> reporter: in 1993, they went to war in waco. >> this ain't america anymore when the atf has that kind of power. >> reporter: it ended in catastrophe. 86 people dead. including at least 24 children. >> there had been nothing like this before. the siege was new and unique in america law enforcement history. >> if you distrust the government, waco is going to be symbolic to a lot of people of what they really fear. >> i'm talking to you, somebody's going to get hurt. >> if he asks god for some kind of sign and god gives it, what does that mean? >> reporter: every saturday morning clive doyle and sheila martin study the bible. >> pe hold, the lord dpod will come with strong hands. >> reporter:
Nov 5, 2012 9:00am PST
; this is the battlefield. as is the case- we talked a bit about david koresh and the christian context- you know, the end of the world mode that we're seeing out there- amazing. well, let me finish up these graphics and then we can keep on going here. on the next roll-in here, or the next set of graphics, the last one i had here on the graphics is to tie it all up and say that doctrine is belief, ethics is the behavior, and the impact on the social dimension is real. and that's one of the lessons we want to take out of this class. see, it's frustrating that we don't get to resolve these issues- you know, we don't get to resolve them in a situation like this, but to be aware of them, and to try to begin to have some facility to speak about them and be aware of them. and one reason i wanted to bring up this patterns of action is because what's driving the patterns, what's determining them? well, it's that constant human quest for identity and relationships, and as we've seen in the earlier graphic, it's the obligation to perform those, and that can come out in a ritual way, it can come out in a behavioral
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)